No menus in Preform

Upgraded to 2.11.3. There are no menus. Any idea why? I’m on Windows 10.

You should certainly get send this to support, but my guess is that it’s going to turn out to be a rather infamous recent driver update from Intel which has been causing this type of issue a number of different applications (e.g. Blender, LibreOffice). I think the Intel driver version is 4664, and that Intel is recommending changing to a different driver version if you’re using one of the affected apps. You can run dxdiag to find out what graphics driver you have installed.

Yes there are a lot of us seeing this issue. If you remember where the tabs were located they work. They are still there, just not visible.

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To take the guesswork out of this simply press ALT and use the arrow keys to navigate the menus.

I got this response for Formlabs support. For me the first option, display driver update didn’t fix it. The second option did.

Thanks for reaching out about this graphical error in Windows 10 and PreForm and I’m sorry you’re running into this. We have a few steps for you to try that have worked for some of users who also experiened this bug:
On Windows, please update your graphic card drivers

  1. To find out what graphics card you have, go to Control Panel > System & Security > System > Device Manager. Then select “Display adapters” from the drop-down list, and find the device name and manufacturer.
  2. Go to the manufacturers’ website to download the updated drivers & install them.
  3. Restart the computer.

If updating the drivers does not work, you can always try software rendering. It’s a little bit slower, but it makes the text visible.
To enable Software Rendering mode:

  1. Navigate to PreForm’s installation folder by searching PreForm’s Default Install Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Formlabs\PreForm)
  2. Launch the shortcut “PreForm (Software Rendering)”.

I am having the same problem but running the Software Rendering version seems to at least give me access to the menu bar. Very weird as all my drivers are up to date. Only experiencing this on a Windows 10 machine.

The (software rendering) does the trick for me. Wow. It even scales it properly on my 4k display (which usually displays everything in microscopic form).

I am experiencing tons of issues with Windows 10 and using a 4k display. Several software packages are unusable leaving me to set the display resolution to smaller and reboot. Good times. Seems like Microsoft has a few things left to figure out. Glad that Preform has this option.

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