Bad scaling of Preform window on a 4K screen

Hi !

I have a laptop hooked-up to an external 4K monitor.
Of course, I wish to display the Preform application on the large screen.
Some times, the whole window is messed-up :

…and sometimes not.
What always fails to display properly is the “Print” window :

I was told to update my video drivers, but these are from the end of May 2017, same as my Preform version (2.11.3).

Has anybody else experienced this problem ?

We did see display scaling issues in earlier versions of PreForm but those were corrected in releases prior to 2.11.3. My next guess would be outdated display drivers but you seem to have us there as well… Can you get in touch with our support team so that we can help troubleshoot this further? This will also help us to track any incompatibilities with PreForm and display drivers so that we can get a sense for how many users are affected and release fixes. Including your PreForm version and system / driver information in the ticket would be a big help.


I have already submitted the issue by E-mail to the support team.
Here are the details of my display driver :

I have a Windows 10 system on a laptop, and my graphics card is a Geforce GTX 1070.


It is still a complete mess with the latest Nvidia drivers…

Was our support team able to help troubleshoot this with you? I’ve had some scaling issues in the past and grabbing a corner of the window to resize then toggling back to full-screen mode often corrected them. Identifying display driver issues so that we can get them corrected is a big help so thanks for reporting this.

Hi Frew,

Yes, they came back to me and suggested that I changed the compatibility settings for “Preform.exe”, which I did :

Now, the scaling is controlled by the system, and not the application.
It works : no more display issues, at least for now.

That means that the way Preform manages scaling is not good, at least on my config.


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