High Resolution Display Scaling

I was surprised no to see this when I searched, but I did not. I run Preform on a machine with a high resolution (Retina) display. and the UI elements render way too small. Please make Preform aware of display scaling so it is a better experience in such a situation.

It works correctly for me on my MacBook Pro. What computer are you using, what OS, and what graphics card?

Late 2013 MacBook Pro, 13" with Intel Iris 5100 graphics. But, using Windows 10, natively, with Boot camp drivers. Scaling is working in other apps such as Solidworks 2016 and Fusion 360. But, Preform is suffering. In my experience hi resolution display support comes first to OSX because of all the high resolution displays, but this is an issue in Windows with more current hardware so will be more prevalent as time goes on.

Is scaling supposed to work in Preform on Windows?

@pmcgarr: For what it’s worth, I have a Windows computer and use an Intel HD graphics driver version In the past, my computer would sometimes crash when opening up PreForm, so I know that it needs a powerful graphics driver. Once I installed the more powerful Intel HD graphics driver indicated here, I no longer had any issues. Not sure if this is meaningful to what you are experiencing here, but thought I would share it anyway.

I am running an identical configuration (Windows 10 on Late 2013 MBP retina 13") and PreForm looks good to me. The one difference might be that I have Windows set to scale text and apps to 150%. https://www.thurrott.com/windows/windows-10/4597/windows-10-feature-focus-display-scaling

See my desktop. This is my entire screen. Maybe you can open this fullscreen and see what I see? Look how small the elements are, especially the text at the bottom of the screen. And, I am at 200%. I will read the link in your post. Maybe I need to do more than just the simple slider setting.

Are you using the drivers that BootCamp provided? Can you show mw how your screen looks with FN - Shift - F11?

My PreForm is scaled the same way, so it may be that PreForm ignores that scaling settings but I’m just ok with the size. Last time I played with it, I recall that Windows did have more advanced scaling settings that did something different.

I have only ever installed BootCamp drivers and Windows updates.

@MaximLobovsky @BenFrantzDale

Ok that makes sense I guess, but I have to move my face up to the screen to read the tiny text. I have good vision, you can’t tell me it isn’t hard to read the print setting from the bar at the bottom of the screen. The bottom line, Preform is not taking advantage of the screen scaling setting of Windows so Windows and very-high-resolution displays is a bad experience.

Can one of you confirm that Preform is not making use of the scaling in Windows, and it would also be good to know if you consider this a weakness and would consider adding scaling support to a future version?



Hi @pmcgarr,

To piggy-back a bit on what @MaximLobovsky said, there is indeed some more advanced scaling work being done in Windows. We are aware of this as an issue and we’re looking at how we can improve this in a future release. We’ve been working to get PreForm to perform better on high-resolution displays, and this is one of a few things that we’ve noted. The macOS scaling is much better, and we’re working to get that same performance out of the Windows version as well.

Thank you,

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The HD 520 will run PreForm with no errors, older chipsets may not. You could try to update the video driver. I believe the 520 and iris are only available on the i5 and i7 cpu’s but I could be wrong.


Thank you! That is all I wanted to know.


I just bought a BenQ 4K monitor and have a Nvidia k2200 graphics card.
Would love to be able to enlarge the interface graphics in Preform, Maybe a graduated background color would be nice as well.
Under file a new preferences tab would be nice to customize Preform interface.
I have a second smaller monitor so it is not to bad but would be nice.


This has been fixed in PreForm 2.10.0! You can read about the other releases in this update here.

Thank you, looks great.


Yes, agreed, beautiful. It is so easy for me to remember to post when something isn’t going well, yet so hard to remember to post when things are. Isn’t that sad.

Thank you guys for fixing this. Makes for a much better experience.