PreForm Software Updates Since 3.19, a step backwards

Unless I am missing something every software version (3.22.1 latest one) since 3.19 seems like a step backwards in terms of setting up a print efficiently. I certainly do not want to go through an entire catalog of a all the printers and all the materials that formlabs offers every time I make a print.
For contrast, in the version 3.19, I can quickly select one of the linked devices and one of the common materials that we stock without extra bloat in the way.
I am not apposed to having a full catalog somewhere but not every time I am making a print, it does not seem productive. Hopefully there can be an update that addresses this issue in the future but for now we are going to be sticking to 3.19


What i dont’ like is the new layout where you have to select the printer your using. I wouldn’t mind it if preform would allow me to set a default printer and resin without having to always find the 3L and select the resin type every time.

If there was a default setting i would be happy.

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Totally agree - I just want the button to use ‘Current printer settings’ back when I choose the printer please!
Big backward step in usability. I only use a few types of resins and have 4 printers, so I just want to pick the right printer, not scroll through a whole list of ones I don;t have and try and remember what versions of each we have.


I’m not a fan of the new view either, the most annoying part is scrolling and they really got that one setup in the most irritating way possible :joy: I’m not sure how it works on Windows but on macOS I can’t just scroll to the end to set layer hight, no they added a large portion of white space so when I scroll to the end I only see the “Job Name” section.
There is also some strong inertia effect when scrolling that view which makes it even more difficult to use.

To me it looks more like a store front than a settings page.

Why have “Recently used” material when I still have to scroll through all of them anyway?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice with pictures and all that but it would be a better workflow if we could slim it all down a bit to avoid scrolling and also default to whatever is in the printer at the moment.

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