Preform shows "Error while printing" message when using custom material with Form 1

the maker space I am a member of recently received a donation of a used Form 1 printer. I put FW 1.44 on it and have been attempting to run OpenFL version of Preform.
I can get the printer to start printing with the build-in material, but when i try to use the example custom material, i run into issues.
When i attempted to send the print to Form 1, the progress bar starts to run to about a third of the way and then this pops up:

the printer also seems to go through a soft reset when this happens.

I scoured the forum but did not seem to find anyone else with similar problems.

I would be really grateful if anyone can offer some insight.

by the way, i am running preform on OSX el capitan. the windows machine has driver issues and won’t even detect the printer (can’t use it for comparison)

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