Preform says i need to update

Can we please for once and for all get rid of this bug.

Every time i open up preform to send a job to my Fuse 1 and Fuse 1+ it says i have to update the printers, even tho they are updated and Preform cannot find a valid update to update with.

This is getting tedious to go thru every single time i open preform wich happen approx 10 times a day when building and planning new jobs,

Seriously, get this fixed NOW!!!

I have sent tickets and bugreports on this for over 2 months now yet nothing happens.

Edit: Yes it happens even tho i restarted and swapped printers. Funny huh!


Can you please provide information exactly which PreForm and firmware version are you using?

Preform 3.35.0 and firmware for printers are 1.18.1-2114

Thanks for your quick reply! We will try to investigate this issue in house and figure out what is going on.

Alrite, thx.

Hi @Andreasemilsson
We’re working on it. Do you happen to have the number of the Service ticket? We can take a look at the status of your case.
In the meantime, to clarify, could you confirm if the update request is from PreForm as in the picture below? Or was it the popup on the printer display asking for firmware update? Thank you in advance!

Don´t remember ticketnumber im afraid. I´ve mentioned it to Robert Koch during our meetings aswell. He might have the ticketnumber.

Yes that is correct. I see it both on the right when a printer is chosen and then when i open the upload it shows aswell. Until i restart that is and sometimes it comes back so i have to do another restart. No often it comes back to back tho. Usually a restart helps.

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Thank you so much for the update and reply! Please accept my apology for the late reply. We have found the reason why it happened. Robert and my colleague will reach out to you shortly via the case for more info. Really appreciated for your feedback! :slight_smile:

True. I have a same problem.

While we are on the subject of Preform. I found a new bug in the recent days.
We have 2 Fuse 1 and 1 Fuse 1+.

When i open up preform the standard is set to “No printer chosen” However, when i choose “All printers” it works for a while until i upload a job then all of a sudden three scenarios can play out. Either i get “No printers chosen”, “Fuse 1” or “Fuse 1+”

This is extremely annoying as i plan jobs basically 5 hours a day and this becomes frustrating as the printers disappear every so often. Can i please get the option to save a standard of my preference.

Would help alot in my case. Thx

Hi @Andreasemilsson
I think Robert has reached out to you regarding the previous issue.

As to the new bug you mentioned, could you please take a look below if that’s the secenario how it happened?
PreForm 3.35.0
Fuse 1/1+ 1.18.1-2214
Network setting: (WiFi? Ethernet? are the printer and computer in the same network? or were you uploading the print job remootely? )

  • open PreForm
  • Job Setup is “No Printer Selected”
  • in the Job Setup interphase, you see (1) Choose Printer > dropdown menu > show all
  • you should see 2x Fuse 1 and 1x Fuse 1+, select one of them
  • Apply, and start to prepare your job > at this stage you should have a printer SN displayed on Job Setup.
  • prepare job, tap “Upload Print”
  • “PRINT” popup window, showing the same SN as on the Job Setup > at this stage, the popup should not have “No Printer Seleted”, therefore I am not sure which 3 scenarios did you get.

If you can send some screenshots and detail steps how we can test and reproduce it, that would be really appreciated. Cheers!