Trouble uploading to Fuse 1

Since March 2, 2022 I have had problems uploading jobs to the Fuse1. This is coincidental to a new message appearing while uploading which reads “Getting secure upload URL”. The upload takes a very long time, then the message appears that the job was successfully uploaded. However it is not at the printer. When I tried to start a big job at 5 am, Preform said the job was uploaded to the printer, but it did not actually arrive until 8 hours later. That was a big job that required 54 hours to print. Support has not been able to help. We rebooted, deleted old jobs, verified firmware, etc. This problem appeared in the old and newly released Preform. Do you have any idea what I can do to fix the problem?

We had a problem on Friday afternoon. The print failed with error 61 code which I have been told means the machine is having an issue reading the Gcode.
Printer is unusable at the moment so hopefully the fix is quick.

Now I am getting error 257. Naturally formlabs skips over that error in their list of errors. I thought it might be related to the upload problem. As a test I tried to print a previous file that was stored in the printer. It caused the same error.

I do not see error 61 on the list of Fuse1 codes.

I couldn’t find it either. The information came from our support provider. Error code 61 is used on other formlabs machines and sounds like the same problem.

What is a support provider? It sounds like I need one.

Support has been maddening. The software problems have been endless. Last week I was crashing PreForm by using the array tool. Surely someone tested it to death and punished the tool to find any weaknesses.

Then there are things like telling users to go to the dashboard to get the status of orders. I defy anyone to find a labeled icon or link. It’s one of those secret things you have to know where it is to find it. And don’t get me started on knowing you have to click on the “Print Time” words to get it to calculate the print time.

If it sounds like I am frustrated with the whole company you got that right. I retired from medical software. We would have never been this insensitive to our customers. They had work to get done. So do you and I.

After a week FormLabs has decided to send me a new printer. Also, the job that was taking close to an hour to upload by me took them only a few minutes. So hopefully next week we will be making parts again,

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