Fuse 1 Unable to review camera remotely

Hello all
Not had a Fuse 1 long and apart from a few failed prints due to a faulty IR sensor all seems okay (still learning)

Viewing the live feed camera in the office is fine but when working from home I am unable to view camera and have problems up loading and starting remotely. I assume it is a network configuration problem in the office but cannot find a guide, can anyone help?

After 2 recent upgrades to preform I have not been over impressed with the software. When I now open it always defaults to the form3b rather than our printer Fuse 1 (which it used to do). The auto packing is poor. Is there any guides to help with packing - part orientation – packing density.

Sorry I can’t help you with your issues, I just want to state that I have the same issues, no remote camera and problems uploading and starting a job remotely.

Disclaimer: this post is my opinion, not Formlabs.

From what I understand you must be on the same LAN to access the Fuse’s built in camera (I wish I could tell you why, but knowing people on the Fuse team quite well, I’m sure they have a good reason). You should be able to start the printer remotely as long as you have it set up on your dashboard and/or Formlabs user account.

As far as packing density goes, there are a ton of factors that play into how this is done. The engineer, Michael Fogleman, who wrote the first version of it has an excellent writeup on it here, but from what I understand the distance between parts is critical to the success of the prints. Either way, as long as your packing density is over your reuse percentage, you should have minimal waste. (meaning if you have a 30% packing density and 30% refresh rate you’re effectively only using recycled nylon)

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Thank you for the replys.
I have got over the viewing issue as you suggested by remote access to our lan via our server this solves the remote printing as well.
Still having the occasional failed print ususally within the first hour, mainly due to putting parts in the back left hand side close to the print bed edge (within the preform parameters) it drags freshly printed part over with the doser. so I use that area sparingly.

The packing density we are trying to keep at 20% and experimenting with orientation. I will review the Michael fogelman’s write up. :slightly_smiling_face:

Other wise I am impressed with the fuse and the quality of the parts. Just my design lets me down some times :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Hi @Smiffington ,

We’re glad to hear that using remote access has resolved the remote printing and live-feed problems! As for the packing issues, you can open a case with us if the issue persists so that we can get some photos, .form files, and anything else you might believe helpful for us to assist you in this matter. We will be able to pass this case to our team of Fuse Support agents to ensure we get you a resolution. Cheers!