The Fuse is once again down...Lets see how long it takes to get this thing back up and running

Anyone else getting this all of a sudden…?

I refuse to update Firmware as I been down that road many times…and do not have the time or extra powder to troubleshoot again…

Or how bout an “Error 2”…?

As I stated in my last response to a question on my thoughts on this system…“it is currently running until Formlabs decides to tinker with settings”…well looks like they tinkered.

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That’s unfortunate… seems like the consumers are the testers :smiling_face_with_tear:

and after trying the Firmware update I am getting a “Error 2” with failure to print a job so now I rolled the firmware back and got a print to start and 5 hours in the print stopped ruining half a chamber with an “error 8”.

Error 2 nor 8 are anywhere mentioned in Formlabs Error reference docs so looks like we discovered something new for Formlabs and are down about $300 in powder and a full day of troubleshooting.

This is obviously an issue once again in their software division as it seems to have all started with slicing files in PreForm and file/job issues with corruption of files mid print.

Printer is down again folks… let’s see how many months it take for Formlabs to fix it.

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maybe it’s just a file issue, as it mentions, an incompatibility among the firmwares.

BTW, how do you cope with losing so many $$$? You’re like a free beta-tester of formlabs

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So yesterday, trying to slice a print in PreForm led to a continuos “Error Calculating Print Time”.

To troubleshoot I rebooted PreForm, rebooted my computer, rebooted my internet connection, rebooted the Fuse 1+ (not that this would make any difference slicing) and still was getting a “Error calculating Print Time” when trying to slice a job in PreForm.

Nothing has been changed since June as far as firmware. I was still running PreForm 3.30.0 / released in June with the Nylon 12 GF Beta set and I was running the Fuse 1+ on 1.16.13 / released back in June. This combo with 70% refresh rates has been actually fully dependable with no issues.

Then yesterday I started getting those issues slicing. With nothing changed, I am assuming it had to be something on the servers on Formlabs end to be causing this as PreForm obviously reaches out to them to slice I am assuming…

Next, I broke the golden rule that I have been preaching…NEVER UPDATE FIRMWARE if this system is running…

I figured something on their servers may no longer be compatible with the PreForm version back in June since they have had a few updates since then to both PreForm and the Fuse.

So after updating both… I could slice but started getting these “Error 2 Warnings” and with some more tinkering I was able to start a print then 3 hours into it I got the “Error 8 - Corrupted file” and the job died…ruining the chamber of parts.

Closed up shop for the night, then this morning I rolled everything back to the PreForm version 3.30.0 (From last June) and the Fuse 1.16.13 (From last June) which have been working fine since June.

Now today I was able to slice the job and kick off a print and it is still going so crossing fingers we are back and running.

So to recap…NEVER UPDATE FIRMWARE unless you are willing to be an unpaid beta tester for Formlabs.

It amazes me that they have had a new Fuse release out since Sept 5th and “THREE” PreForm releases since June that are obviously not being tested well prior to release and/or no one has been reporting issues trying to run them.

Or maybe everyone is just doing the smart thing and not updating…if the system is currently working.

Note to self…if something stops working between PreForm and the printer…maybe give Formlabs some time to fix whatever happens to be going on in their servers/system… which I am assuming is pretty intensive as just sharing a PreForm Job to the Printer takes nearly 20 minutes to just share the file…

We’ll see if Formlabs actually responds to the Error reports as they are not listed on their Error sheet…and will let you know what they say, if anything.

The file was running for 3 hours printing fine before the printer obviously corrupted or dumped it mid print. I’d say it is a bug in their latest firmware.

And, I guess I just have enough outside sales and business is good…allowing me to dump my own time and money into this…hoping that one day… it becomes the future of manufacturing… we can only hope.

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Maybe it’s a problem with the file and the Perform software?
I checked the forum and saw other people having similar problems. Maybe it’s a bug in a certain version?

It is definitely an issue with the newer firmware but when Error 8 occurred…it happened after successfully uploading a job, starting the job and it printing successfully for 3 hours before it popped up and quit the print.

But yea…I’m back to the June firmware for both Preform and the Fuse 1+ and just completed a successful print on the same file.

So I won’t be upgrading for awhile as these new releases have traditionally been very buggy and I’m retired from bug hunting on this system. Time for some other folks to fill that role! Ha

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This is just insane. When are they gonna take responsibility for this mess they are causing the users. I´ve not had any issues with the Fuse 1 in a while tho besides faulty heater, faulty laser, faulty recoater motor etc.

Fuse 1+ is now parked and taken out of production pending verdict.

Are you running the current firmware of Preform and/or the Fuse or a later version?

Side note: As someone who has run technical support forums before, I also recently noticed they added at some point the “removal of threads” at just a 6 month time frame. I find this kind of questionable as technical forums like this serve the users as a reference to self support long into the future.

They also tend to keep everyone honest in what they are pushing…

In todays world of infinite data storage possibilities…this option was set intentionally. I just noticed it recently…and find any reasoning to do so kind of suspicious.

The 6 month period is there many months now (maybe years?) I always remember it being there…

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