Upload time

Is anyone having problems with uploading the file to the Form 1?

Since the updates I am experiencing problems with preparing upload times of over 90 minutes and then there is the actual upload on top. I am in the process of “preparing upload” as I write this!

Is this for parts of all shapes and sizes or one part in particular? You’re always welcome to submit a ticket to our customer support team. Sharing a .form file and some information about your computer might help figure out what the issue is.

I wouldn’t say I’m having problems uploading, but I have noticed how long it takes has shot up with recent updates.  It’s not a problem for me, it just seems like there’s a lot more data going to the printer now, or it’s taking longer for the printer to process it?

One thing to note is that the upload takes longer is the Form 1 is printing. The Form 1 needs to split it’s time between printing tasks and transferring job data from the computer. For a faster upload time, I tend not to push the button on the Form 1 until all of the layers have been loaded.

Hi All,

I have reloaded my laptop over the weekend and downloaded the newest version of Preform and I can report that the upload only took 6 minutes tonight. I have got a ticket open with another problem and unfortunately have to report this problem is still there but I have raised this with Formlabs again.

Thanks for taking the time to comment on this thread :slight_smile: