Preform Print Set up - add "print visible only" check box

(FWIW - I am using preform 1.6 - but this is a general wish)

It seems like the the “print setup” dialog could be a great place to add some simple but useful functionality. (Very analogous to a ‘render configuration’ dialog in 3d modelers, but for printing!)…

My primary one right now would be a check-box feature that says “print visible only”. This box, when checked, would ensure that only visible objects would be printed.

This feature would allow you to turn on/off individual parts (stls) in the current .form file on a subsequent print.

You would do this if/when a particular part(s) failed, where some successed. This feature would allow you to do a second pass with the same file by just changing the individual visibility status of parts (stls), and then checking this box before re-printing.

Without this feature, you have to clone the file, delete the objects that printed, adjust supports as necessary on the ones that filed, and then reprint from the second file.

From the standpoint of organization and tracking, that extra cloned file creates a lot more complexity in the long run.

This points to a separate feature I’ll post and link back to this one that is related: property sheets for parts (stls). More on that in a separate request. stl-part property sheet : visibility + name




When I need to do this I delete the models I don’t want to print. Then when I exit I choose “Don’t Save”. Nothing is lost.

The “Don’t Save” method also allows you to scoot them a bit to avoid repeated wear on the PDMS layer without them overlapping into “not visible” models.