Hide Parts or Suppress Multiple OBJ

I am printing multiple parts, each are loaded as separate STL. It would be very helpful to hide some so i can work on 1 STL as a time for supports then “Show All” I am new to this so doing each one separate at first to get the supports right. Is there a way once i have done several successful prints to bring them all to the build plate to build at once ie bring in the supports also. This way i can test individually before bringing 11 parts together at once. Thanks for any information.

@ianhughes in the Model List on the right sidebar, you can check/uncheck the checkbox next to a part name to show/hide it. This works with multiple parts selected as well (can box select in the 3D viewer or shift select in the Model List to select multiple).

If they are hidden (unchecked) in the Model List they will not print, so you can keep all 11 parts in the same file and just check/uncheck them individually to print each one on its own to test it first if you want to.

BTW- you can also right click on a model > Model Properties if you want to rename a model to give it a more distinguishable name (default name is the STL file name it came in as).

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