Preform wish: stl/part property sheet - visibility + name

(FWIW I am using preform 1.6 - but this is a general wish)

Related to this wish below:

print visible only wish

I would like to suggest that individual stls (e.g. ‘parts’) that are imported into a Preform session each have a property sheet that can be used to view and control specific attributes about that part.

We already have this internally with part scaling and positioning. (meaning per-stl properties are already stored internally - scale, position, orientation, etc.).

The two things I think that would be helpful - especially for multi-part printing - would be

  1. to be able to see and change the name of a part (based on its STL import name, unless it is a copy… then just add “copy”)
  2. To be able to se the visibility status for that part so that you can do subsequent print passes with only visible parts (see linked wish above) AND so that you have the ability to visually maneuver between multiple parts more easily by turning some on/off while building supports.

I suspect there will be other things that could eventually go in this property sheet as well, but these are the two key ones that come to mind now.