Manual Enable/Disable of Collision Detection and Printability checking in PreForm

Provide option to enable user to manually enable/disable collision detection and printability checking.

New capability is a good thing however its very annoying to be importing 11 parts into job and the software and my computer is bogged down/freezing up doing these checks. While I am positioning, orienting and generating initial supports.

Give option for user to disable the checks until everything is imported, laid out and supports are initially generated. Then user can enable checks. Maybe even include a button that the user can click to do the checks as needed versus constantly every time a part is touched/imported/etc.

Enable autochecking by default for “newby” users but give option for manual enable/disable for experienced users. Or vice versa.

Thanks for the great job. Merry Christmas!


It is very much easier to generate the support etc of 11 parts one at a time and then import 11 form fils for positioning and orientation.

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My typing is not very good. I don’t import 11 Form files. I usually import/open 11 stl files then set about orienting them, generating supports, then positioning everything. Once that is all done then I’d like to check for printability. I know I’ll have collisions…I have 11 pieces on the build plate that I’m moving around.

Try importing one stl file, generate the supports and save as a form file. Delete the form in Preform and import the next slt. You have to remember the rename the form file each time you save it. Do this for each of the stl files in turn. Once you have generated the supports on all the parts import all the form files, then orientate and position them.

I thought this forum section was for feature requests?

I should not have to import multiple pieces one at a time to orient, position, generate supports, then save as individual form files to then reopen/import them a second time and then reposition them all over again as a set. That would duplicate my effort. The software should help us not cause more work arounds due to its limitations.

I am printing multiple, unique parts that are a set. I should be able to set everything in place with supports then have the software check for printability, minima, etc. not have checks constantly being done while I am moving things around, editing support points, checking layers, etc.

The checks are invaluable and a mych appreciated new feature. All I am suggesting is that there is a right time to do them (One-click print, newbies, etc.) not during the full time that I am manually moving things around on the plate.

All that needs to be done is add the functionality to enable the user to freeze the Printability, collision, minima and cup checks until the parts are postitioned and oriented.

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+1 to the idea of having a way to tell PreForm to hold off on any verifications / calculations until the user has completed layout and believes they’re ready to print.

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Would be best way of dealing with multiple imports be to be able to hide the pieces that are not being worked on? I find trying to check a piece in a forest of others confusing and can lead to errors being overlooked.

Agreed that although the workaround of importing and orienting individually might be viable for reducing requisite processing power, it shouldn’t be necessary. I’ve forwarded this to our team and we’ll continue working to optimize the printability checks to be less computationally taxing.

Currently, there are toggles for the minima and cup detection that you can access by clicking on the icon next to ‘printability’.

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Frew, thanks for the reply. The effort of you and your teammates do to improve our printing experiences are greatly appreciated.

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This feature is garbage. I would like the option of checking for printability manually as it slow my computer down and is a major pain if orientation isn’t exactly as I want, it recalculates every single move of the model. Very annoying!

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So I just started using the Form3 and PreForm. This thread is years old now and I cannot find an option to disable this very annoying feature. It’s enough of a headache (waiting over 5 minutes now) that it’s enough for me to return printer (on a 30-day trial).

Forget work-arounds. This should be a very simple on/off option with an “execute recalc?” pop-up window when things change. What’s the deal?

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Absolutely agree…