Save Printability Status with .form file

So sitting here for way too much time waiting for PreForm to calculate the Printability of a .form that I already worked on and saved with a full blue check. The problem is on my laptop the Printability check uses all the available processing power inside PreForm and I cannot do anything else until it is done. So it would be very nice if one of two things could be changed.

  1. Save the Printability Status with the file. If it was a blue check … do NOT run a Printability check when the .form is opened or inserted into a new job.

  2. Allow an option to toggle off to not run at all or completely stop a Printability check. When I am loading previously saved .form files … I really really do not need it to check the printability with every load … only on new items.


In the meantime if your’e on windows :

go in Task Manager -> Processes tab
Right click on PreForm.exe
go in Set Affinity
Untick the first two or more CPU cores

This will prevent Preform from using all the available power. I do that when I have big prints to open/verify and still want to work in the meantime… I have a 3.5Ghz 8 Cores Xenon CPU, and it still does take some time so on your laptop I can imagine that this is crippling.
Formlabs, please do not cripple the software, it is GREAT that preform uses all available ressources. However keeping one CPU core free would allow other software to work a bit better.

Great suggestion - so long as the scene hasn’t changed, it doesn’t make much sense to re-run the printability checker. I’ve forwarded your suggestion to our software team.

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Thank you very much Frew. I really like the new Printability check for when I am loading in new STLs … but having it do this check when I open a large saved .form that was in blue checked status when I saved it is a bit of a sanity killer.

Also make sure it also works on importing an .form. I sell 30mm miniature prints. Each miniature is a saved blue checked .form file. When I run print jobs I normally load 10 to 20 of these into one print job and then print. Each one was already blue checked but as currently designed it runs full printability on each one when it is imported in.

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oh and if I’m allowed to add an additional note. As I’m waiting for this one to happen right now. If I have a blue checked item and make 19 copies of it in the print job … it should not need to run a printability check other than to make sure there is no overlap or out of bounds printing.


@Thomas_Anders , maybe you should repost that last comment 19 times to make the point…

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Please don’t do that…

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