Preform - Manually analyze printability

Is there a way to manually kick off a printability analysis? I’ve noticed Preform gets confused after some actions and abandons the in-progress analysis (e.g. if you save the file during analysis, or hit undo and roll back to a state for which analysis was not completed). It shows you a green checkmark which I think is misleading. There is a workaround to save and re-open the file but that’s clunky (and causes you to loose your undo buffer). It would be nice if one could click the Printability circle to manually recheck the model.

While I’m here, I’ve also noticed that the print time estimator also gets confused sometimes (e.g. if you switch resin types it should allow you to re-evaluate the print time, but right now it stays locked to the old, out-of-date estimate). Would be nice if that bug could get fixed.

Thanks for working to figure out the steps to repeat this. Identifying the steps to reproduce an error is sometimes the trickiest part and I’ll forward this to our software team. Currently, there’s no way to manually trigger the printability feature to run.

I’m noticing the inability to re-calculate print time after changing materials on my end as well. I’ll make sure that our team looks into this.

Thanks @Frew!

I hear 'ya. In fact I double-checked today and was having some trouble recreating the first issue so it might be more involved than I thought :-S. I’ll let you know if I can pin it down further.