Disable Model Checking in PreForm

Depending on the model, the automated checks for printability can be terribly slow (e.g. Intel Core i7-5600U, 8GB RAM) in the PreForm software (e.g. version 3.2.2). This may also slow down other processes such as orienting the model or generating the support structures.

Please correct me if I am wrong; but to my knowledge, there is no menu option to disable these automated model checks. Could you please add such an option to the PreForm software.

It does not make much sense to constantly check my models while I am still orienting them or generating/editing the supports. To save computation time, it might be enough to manually initiate a final model check at the very end.


I second this motion. All I’ve got is a Xeon E-2176M w/ 64GB RAM and it takes eons to do the evaluations. I can’t get anything else done while its spending a solid minute or two thinking about something I didn’t ask for.

same here, this should have a option to turn it on when ready to do so :slight_smile:

Great idea.

I totally agree with this request. It is essential to manually enable the piece control to speed up the work in Preform.

But here, every now and then, someone from Formlabs answers or do we just talk among ourselves??

Hey all!

We absolutely see feature requests, and I’ll apologize personally for not jumping in sooner to confirm on this particular topic. Sometimes we don’t have direct replies to feature requests, but we do pass them up the chain. If there’s any news I’ll be sure to reply here for everyone.

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This is a great news! Thank you Dan. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi all,

Just wanted to echo @DKirch comment that we do read the forums and make note of the feature requests. Good news - this feature went live in the most recent PreForm 3.7.0 release about 2 weeks ago. Cheers!