Preform layout changes causing print problems?

Dear All: I haven’t printed in a couple years. So, I downloaded the newest preform, and, for my form 2…

For a disk-like structure, it laid out the structure parallel to the build platform. In the old days, and in many, many examples I see here, the layout is usually at ~45 deg. to the platform.

The resulting print was terrible, with the disk having a non-uniform thickness with a linear cross-section; think of a disk with left hand edge thick and right hand edge thin.

—> Did preform change, and the orientaiton is normal? Or…?

—> Any ideas on my print issues?

Thanks much,


Hi @pirate,

With each new iteration of PreForm there are a good number of changes and sometimes things aren’t always ideal; I would try to manually orient this file (either 45º as mentioned or even a bit shallower; you can use the slicing tool to see how severe each layer step will be) and then either check for an update or even regress to a previous version of Preform to see if that auto-orient option is better.

If the issues persist, you can feel free to reach out to our Support Team directly by opening a ticket and sharing photos and .form files so that we can assist further.

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