Preform doesn't Tilt Flat Surfaces anymore?


Has anyone updated to the latest preform and had issues with the “Auto-Orient Selected” not tilting your flat surfaces anymore? I have had no issues on pre 3.8.0 versions but now on 3.8.0 and 3.8.1 it doesn’t tilt the models to an ideal orientation anymore and I have to do it manually. I’m hoping this is just a setting I’m missing or something. Also I’m printing on a form 2 if that somehow affects this bug.

Edit: I will add that it keeps trying to put a flat surface on the build platform (like it is stuck doing that versus actually orienting it in an ideal way for printing/supports.


Update: just downloaded 3.9.0 and still having the same issues. Does anyone know if this is a bug on there end? One of my models without flat slides doesn’t even change orientation after the first attempt. It used to jump around to a new and different orientation ever time.