Editing part orientation angles in Preform

Greetings everyone,
got my Form 2 since a bit more than a week and getting to grips with it.

So far so good except on one topic: I’ve been iterating through several versions of a model to improve the printed result and I find myself having to jot down on a piece of paper the angles at which I have oriented the part before printing.

As I need to import again and again an updated .STL, the angles in the orientation panel disappear once I move to a different tab or after I reloaded the .form file.

Is there any way to have Preform accept absolute angles? I keep saving the .form file but it’s useless once reloaded as angle data is not visible…

Even better, can I load an existing .form file, select an existing object and “update” the geometry so that it loads again an .STL with the same orientation? (then re-generate the supports, etc… as usual)

I’m sure I’m not the only one who iterates through various versions and the careful orientation of the object is an integral part to a successful print.


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Hi there, you can voice your support for this feature in This Topic which asks for exactly what you want.

I also agree that this would be a insanely useful feature.

In the meantime, what I en up doing if iterating only to enhance print quality is isolating a part of a model and print only that, at the same orientation that this geometry would be in the full model. For bit parts this reduced setup time as you don’t have as much supports and tweaking to do.

Ah… thanks for sharing. I nosed around the features requests before posting and I missed it.

I orient all of my prints in my 3D software before exporting to Preform, then it’s easier to control

I suppose it depends on the use case but most of my parts are part of larger assemblies so their orientation in the mechanical design application can’t be altered.

I could always save the sub assembly to a separate file, re-open it and orient as needed but that would be quite cumbersome.

Same here. I think this is only practical in a non-parametric modeling software where axis relation isn’t the most important thing. Changing the axis orientation in a parametric software isn’t even standard or even a supported feature in most CAD solutions.

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