Preserve orientation in Preform when updating a model's geometry

Hello, I often have the situation in Preform where I have arranged a model in the way that draws the supports the correct way and makes the part stable during printing, etc. But if I need to rev the part and re-load the geometry, I have to re-orient it again from scratch.

It would be nice to have an option to “reload” the selected part in the display and preserve its orientation.


An easier feature for FL to implement would be to let you “save” an object’s orientation (right click the object and select “save orientation”), and then “load” a saved orientation to apply to another object (right click the object and select “load orientation”). That way, PreForm doesn’t have to make any assumptions about the parts being the same.


Personally I would be happy if there was an option to use absolute X-Y-Z rotation in the orientation panel.

If I want to replicate a color I have no issues punching in RGB/CMYK values. This should be no different but you can’t pull X-Y-Z values from a proven orientation because they reset to 0°-0°-0°. Not terribly helpful.

Either of your suggestions would be better, but slightly more involved to implement, absolute rotation seems like a complete gimmie.

This thread is older but I don’t believe it’s been fixed yet? My issue is similar. For me it would be acceptable to simply display an objects orientation for XYZ when you click on it. That way you can replicate it on the same object when you load in a replacement, or on another object that would benefit from the same orientation settings.

It seems like is plenty of space to put this information under the Orient Axes area. Perhaps to the left or right, or even on top of the existing X, Y and Z boxes which are super wide.

To throw my 2 cents in, all I can think of is, using tinkercad, to import the one stl, and also the ability to replicate as many as you want and import into preform as needed… unless I am reading it wrong…

also when using tinker cad your models are all saved and stored as you left them, leaving them off site yet easily accessed and in the order you chose where and how you left them.

note the dimensions of the printing tray
adjust your model program canvas accordingly when modeling
almost like a lazer cutter when you save your files.

Maybe a test(outline) feature before print is a feature that may interest others, if not already