I don't like Preform 1.9 orientation tool! :(

Form 1 guys; I think you’ve made the orientation tool worse in 1.9. I like seeing my rotation numbers in the XYZ as I sometimes bring in a modified version of the model and want to re-create the rotated position. It 's also just better to see rotations other than just zero. The reset button is a good feature, though I want the ability to reset just the X or Y or Z alone and I used to just type 0 in the field in the older preform.

Please do not ignor this post and take it into consideration. This orientation tool is not an improvement, please can you consider reverting to how it was. If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it :wink:

Thanks for your feedback, Edward. We do value user input and we’ll take your thoughts about the recent changes to the part rotation tool into consideration as we continue making improvements to PreForm.

I was also a bit bummed about the new tool.

I like seeing my rotation stay at the degrees I selected. Not going back to zero.

Thanks Stephen. Just curious what the reason was for changing it?

@Andrey_Mishchenko explains some of the rationale here Preform orientation suggestions

I agree that 1.9 rotation tool isn’t perfect and was a regression for some users. We are looking into other solutions.

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