Preform - Axis Labels

So this seems pretty simple and maybe I’m missing an existing setting somewhere but it would be amazing if there were just some simple labels added to the build plate or model positioning overlay indicating which axis was which (bonus points if the axis/ring on the part overlay was highlighted when the corresponding axis was selected in the “Orient Axes” or “Scale” dialogues).
If I was running new setups every day I’m sure I’d eventually get it memorized but even just a simple set of labeled axis in the corner of the build plate would improve usability a fair amount.


Agreed! Especially because it seems every 3D program has a different opinion about which way Z and Y go.

ALSO, this is an entry level feature: the ability to rotate things at 45degree snaps. Like if you hold shift while you rotate, it should click at 45deg increments. I think now shift cancels or stop the rotation?

ALSO ALSO, a global rotation value. When I rotate a model, it loses it’s orientation and zeros outs. No, it should say it has been rotated 11.3123 degrees and if I put a zero in, it goes back to it’s imported orientation.

This is all STANDARD control for a 3D program, which Preform is


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