Numericals on 3D Object Manipulator


Apparently I’m stupid when it comes to certain things because I can NEVER remember which of X, Y, Z Axis is which and the +/- direction on the PreForm Build Platform so most of the time, instead of using the 3 Tabs in the Alignment Window I use the 3D Object Manipulator to rotate stuff around BUT this one does ( apparently? ) not have an indicator how many degrees I’m rotating a part which most of the time is kinda a hassle for me.

I’d also like to see an option to have the ability to toggle between mirroring / rotating multiple objects as a group or independantly - Like when I create an array of 5x4 on the build platform and decided the group ( as if they were a single model ( should rather be facing a different direction ) then I can’t do that but instead they are individually being turned which, depending on how the layout was before, may now cause intersections where there were none before.


Hello, I have noticed these things as well. The best way to accurately rotate models is with the degrees input boxes in the layout tab. This can be a hassle, but you can always ‘CTL+Z’ to undo if you make a mistake in the axis choice. It is easiest to do this when first importing the model. I completely agree degrees markers would help like the ones in solidworks shown here.

As far as the mirroring goes, I completely avoid it. It mirrors everything about a model, reversing text and everything. Below is also a visual aid for remembering the axis for the time being. I hope this helps.

XYZ Print File.form (282.1 KB)