Keep orientation: badly needed feature

I just spent 10 minutes trying various orientations, getting everything just perfect. OOPS! I need to change one teeny tiny dimension by 0.03mm. Hooray! We get to calculate orientations all over again!!

Can’t you just save the orientation, associated with the model name, then apply after reloading the model?? Seems like such an obvious thing to have. I know the supports will recalculate, but that’s not so bad.

If you make a mistake in move or rotate the model inadvertently, you can always hit CTRL-Z, to undo the last move (actually you can go back quite a few moves with CTRL-Z (Undo).

Once you have everything just right, save the project. This will save the model in the exact position, with the supports and everything, and you can always reload it for reprinting at a later time.

I think @CaptainBisquick is talking about actually changing the model and then wanting preform to place the supports back on the same place.

I set up the orientation in my 3d software rather than doing it in Preform, so it’s just export to preform and place the supports.