Interesting result with 'Layout All' in preform

1/ Import a 120 x 30 x 30 mm rectangular block into Preform
2/ Make 3 copies
3/ Click ‘Layout All’

Stand back and wonder…

I just tried the same thing and it said it could not lay them out properly. Not sure what is going on because what was shown on the screen was clearly within the build platform. Weird!!???


I’m not sure what the problem is, since the OP did not post a snapshot of what the problem is, but if the issue is an error like Chris mentioned, then it’s related to a particular version of Preform.

I’m still using an old version (2.10.2) with my Form 1+, and as you can see, it has no problems with layout

Try clicking the one click print button (magic wand) to see what results you get. I had the same result as you until I clicked the one-click print button.


Could you post a screenshot of what is happening or describe it?


OK…So I get 4 shapes they are arranged 2 columns, two rows on the wiper end of the build platform…What’s your point ?

They are built almost straight up…but they are angled a bit. With the new LT tanks I build straight up if the part requires it (too big to fit without some tilting).

BTW I am using the current release of PreForm.

It is arranged as I would expect once the supports are added.