Newbie Question about Model Layout

I just got my printer this past week. I’m a newbie to SLA but not to 3DP. I’ve been printing FDM for 2+ years now as a hobbyist. Here is my question.

In preform, when you place the file…is there a way to manually move it around on the x/y axis. I don’t mean to re-orient it. I mean to center it or to place it more towards one side or another. Thanks

Welcome Rob. Yea, the 4th button is layout. When you have that active you can drag them around. It also makes a couple labels visible for Front and Hinge sides.

I am also a long-term FDM printer who recently bought a FLF1+. The rules for printing with extrusion are different from the rules with SLA. I’m still learning, but many of thing things I’d naturally do for FDM have not worked out as expected. For FDM I’d print models without rafts if they had large flat bottoms, and try to orient the model with the largest/flattest surfaces parallel to the build platform to minimize the number of layers (and so. print time). If the model had overhangs, I would try to orient the model to minimize the number of supports required.

The F1+ doesn’t like those rules. Objects print better if they’re not parallel to the build plate and they almost always want a raft and supports. PreForm seems to do a decent job of figuring out good orientations. I’m mostly letting it choose what it wants (unless it picks an orientation that maximizes the number of layers, then I try for something that’s “shorter”). And I still try and position the model so the supports are in areas that minimize the effect on the “cosmetics” of the finished print.

Avoid printing square to the tank.
Print the larges portion of the model closest to the bottom of PreForms screen (build platform)
Put the longest posts towards the Hinge Side (right side of PreForms screen)