PreForm Command Line Interface Fuse1+ upload bug

Unable to upload jobs via PreForm Command Line for Fuse1+ machine,

PreForm.exe <paths_to_stl> --silentRepair --printer <printer_ip> --autoSetup --upload --close 

Expected: job prepares and uploads on the printer
Got: job prepares and shows a message box with the text “Would you like to save your current job?”

Tested with PreForm versions on 3.26, 3.26.1, 3.26.2, 3.27 and 3.27.1

The solution have found, it works only if we also set current material of the printer with --material arg, bad that it doesn’t auto-detect when using --autoSetup

Hi @vtl_btz,

Thanks for flagging this issue and for sharing the workaround you found! Getting in touch with our Support Team will be the best way for us to document this issue and address it in future releases.

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