PreForm Apple Silicon M1

Does anyone know if there are plans to have PreForm released for Apple Silicon M1

Hi, I’m happy to say we have tested PreForm on the M1 lineup, and can confirm it runs smoothly under Rosetta 2! We don’t have immediate plans to release an M1-specific build, but will keep an eye on performance and adoption to inform our future plans.

Has anyone already done some performance comparisons? My mid-2018 macMini with 6-core i7 is very slow with preform, on the border of unusable. will an M1 be better?

I got a 24 hour trial at MacInCloud on a 16gig M1 macMini. Got a print job that contains a few models, and printing at 25um layer height on a 3L. The total print time is 57 hours, like 7700 layers.

On my 2018 i7 6-core macMini the “estimate print time” takes just under 6 minutes, but by the end its thermally limited, a 2nd run right after it takes 50 seconds longer.

on the M1 in the cloud, estimating the print time of the same print job takes just under 3 minutes.

All tests are run several times, and i never had more then 5 - 10 seconds difference. So even with the Rosetta2 going on, its safe to say that a M1 is twice as fast as a 2018 i7 macMini.

A friends windows PC, AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8 core with a RTX2070super does the same in 1:40. so Formlabs, lets optimize for the M1 :slight_smile:

I hope this is helpfull to others :slight_smile:

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