Preform Processing Slow

I have Preform v2.19.1.bld_745 running on an iMac v10.13.6 with 3.5Ghz 7 cores and 1TB of SSD memory.

During the “Generated Selected” supports process (resin = black) the CPU maxes out for about 3-5 seconds (between 250%-650%) and then levels off to 102%… and then sluggishly plugs along for another 10 minutes to generate a simple set of supports.

It appears that it is not using all cores during the entire generation process.

In the log, I am seeing a bunch of: Thread QoS Default, Requested Thread QoS Default>

So it looks like there is some sort of quality-of-service ramping down the threading, resulting in less CPU usage. I am guessing that this, in turn, is slowing down the gratin process. Likewise the check for printability process. Can this be rectified to increase CPU usage, resulting in a faster processing?

And it would be nice to have a “Preference” option to tell Preform to use or not use all cores of the computer (leave it to the user’s discretion).

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