Preform calculating endlessly

Until now each model I have loaded in preform (latest version) has calculated fairly quickly. Now, I have a part that is just sitting there. Progress bar isn’t moving… not even a pixel’s worth after 20 minutes. CPU utilization is low; 20% for the package, highest core load is 50%. 26GB memory free. There’s nothing particularly fancy about the model; it sliced for an FDM printer just about instantaneously. It’s 501 layers and 27mL resin including supports, so not super high volume. Does anyone know what model features contribute to extremely long processing in preform? TIA for any hints!

Interestingly I loaded preform onto my laptop and it prepared the print and fired it off to the printer in no time, like seconds. Very interesting. When the print finishes I’ll plug the printer back into the desktop, restart preform (should have done that first), and see whether the behavior is still consistent.

Restarting preform on the desktop cleared the issue… nonissue.

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well, it’s not exactly a non-issue. /something/ happened to hang Preform. I’ve had Preform BSOD my win7 box multiple times, so I know something is not quite right. I stood up this box just to run Preform, so literally nothing but stock win7 is running on it except Preform.

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