System requirements

Hy, I have a question, please. I use an notebook and when i launch preform the pc use 100% of the CPU
slowing down work.
Can you tell me if I have to use a pc with a more powerful graphics card.
My system is an INTEL CORE I5-2410M CPU@ 2.30 GHZ 2.30GHZ RAM 4GB
Thank you very much

Preform will eat 100% of your CPU no matter what. I have a 3.5Ghz 8 Core Xenon with a powerful GPU and when Preform is generating code or analyzing the model for print-ability my CPU is maxed out.

This is not bad news. it means Preform works as fast as it can. The downside is that it might limit what you can do while preform is open, and for that you can go into task manager and limit the number of Cores that Preform can use.

I thank you for the answer.
In fact it was using all the cores, limiting them the CPU seems less stressed.
See you soon

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