Preform 3.9.0

I installed preform 3.9.0 today and I’m having trouble auto-generating supports for a print. The auto-generate feature sits at about the 1/4-complete stage. It’s been there for over an hour. Usually auto-generate takes about 3-5 seconds.

Preform does not crash. It’s gobbling up CPU cycles and memory, but it does not appear to be making any progress.

The part has a large hollow chamber in it, perhaps that’s causing the algorithm some grief.

Hmm, “support edit mode” also causes it to freeze. I’ll try rebooting. The reboot seemed to have helped.

Works now, that was odd.

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I have the same happening to me sometimes. Auto-generate support process gets stuck at approximately 1/4 of the way. It happened to me with different versions of Preform. I found that it does that when the model is at a certain angle (near a 45 degree orientation). Like you say Preform usually only takes a few sec to complete the process of generating the supports so when it gets stuck I notice right away. What I do is cancel the process and orient the model slightly different. Not much of a change but ever so slightly. Then Preform does the supports right away