Why it takes too long for generation supports?!

Dear Sirs! Before printing I use Preform for prepairing file. BUT! It takes tooooooo long for generating supports. I sent file at 4.30 pm, it is now 7.30 and less than a half has been done. Yesterday I made the same file for more than 10 hours and by the end the program gave some error… and file disappeared. Today I’ve restarted it. And now I am again waiting for… Is it really so long to be. I thought maybe the problem with my computer, although I have a very powerful laptop, I tried to do the same through my wife’s laptop - as well too long time. Then I tried to generate supports for this file through the Chitubox program - it took 5 minutes, I tried Anicubik Photon’s program - it took 20 seconds. Something seems to be wrong with PreForm, or I’m doing something wrong… while in other programs I’m doing all right … What’s wrong ?! I can’t sit for days and hours and wait until the program calculates it … I hope there is a solution))

After 5 hours calculationg Preform disappeared … I don’t know what to do…

This happens to me quite a bit now too. I’ve found that when it happens cancel the operation and rotate the model slightly. This is very annoying but it has fixed the problem every time.

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Yes, I understand it… but the fact is that I don’t want to rotate the model and locate is the way the program suggests, I put it flat on the surface, because I should print a flat bottom, as I don’t want to surface the flat bottom later… Yesterday I wrote a Support’s chat. They also suggested changing the orientation of the model…

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I too have found the current (as of 06 27 20) version at least will just hang on support generation sometimes and that rotating the model just a bit and starting the support generation again fixes it.

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I’ve also noticed that with increasing versions of PreForm, it’s getting worse in terms of performance. It’s getting slower and slower.

Slightly concerned about this once the Form 3L comes out because I imagine Preform will be unusable with very large parts the way it is now…


I have been using PreForm for 3 years with a Form2. reliable until this year. I agree with the previous posts, everything that preform does takes much longer now than in versions a year ago. If anyone knows a fix, or can suggest things to try, I’d welcome advice. Can send diagnostic data if it will help. Since the last comment was many months ago can FormStaff provide a comment to refresh the discussion?