Preform 64 unstable

Dear all.

I would like to know if you are experiencing the same thing as us.
On our workstations, Preform 64 freezes after 5 to 10 min. This sometimes freezes Windows as well.
We have lost some CAD works on one station due to this problem. Siemens NX 12 was unable to save a job in progress and PC had to be rebooted…
Anyway., the config of our workstations:
HP Zbook Studio G4
Core i7 7th gen
Quadro M1200
16 Gb Ram

The problem does not seem to come from the graphic interface but rather memory management.

I don’t have the crash issue, but all actions in setting up the print are painfully slow; much slower than the 32 bit version. The OSX version is faster by far. As it is, this release is too slow to be useful.

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