PreForm 2.14 update is AMAZING

Since I don’t see a similar topic yet, I want to openly thank FL for my Christmas/Holiday gift of PreForm 2.14. Isn’t it amazing to see a layer map on minima?!

Plus, Faster Printing, Improved Bases (I always thought I was the only one concerned with bases being cups), Reuse Support Locations…

Maybe I’m being too dramatic, but it’s just great to see a pioneer company continue to improve their products (even in the software). HUGE THANKS and kudos to FL’s software team!

edit 1: ps. example of layer map that’s impressive


I would agree 2.14 is a great improvement. However I am seeing some artefacts where some surface detail on the upper side appears not to be attached, though it is attached in the STL and prints as it should.Detached detail.pdf (124.3 KB)
Detached detail 2.pdf (399.8 KB)

Preform still shows the floor of these wagons as unsupported even though they print well.

I have read this post then immediately downloaded the new version. It is indeed a big update with so many useful quality-of-life features!

Well done FL!


It looks from the detail picture like those features actually are floating. I could believe they would still print if that gap is small enough. Am I misreading the picture or are you saying that importing the stl results in the gap I see and that the gap isn’t in the original?

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Well, I found one issue. On rotating a long piece the software went into a continuous rotate mode. Nothing could stop it. Finally got the part deleted but as soon as I brought it back in Preform started rotating it all over again.
I had to use Task Manager to stop Preform as it wanted an answer to save or not but just kept asking the same question.

Well, back with yet another issue. I just imported this piece, in blue. It is complete and shows as so when rotating but when I stop it shows it this way??? As you can see, its showing one part only half but the outline is the complete piece.
What is even more strange is that the end part disappears and reappears as you rotate it down to the right.

Yet another issue. I had the items all on the build plate and luckily saved the file. I then noticed that Preform said this wasn’t printable. It showed NO Red areas so I couldn’t figure out what the issue was. I had one item in a row from the side and selected it, then hit the Supports Selection and clicked on Edit. Everything on the Build disappeared and I couldn’t get it back even after getting out of the edit mode???

Sorry. I’ve checked again and the problem is in the CAD rather than Preform.


This job ran perfectly well in previous versions. The parts are there. When it’s rotated 90 degrees the parts shows completely. Also other items in the strip disappear at an angle bit by bit then come back again as they rotate down further. That has nothing to do with the CAD. It’s ALL in Preform.

If you look closely at the photo you will see the outline of the part is much larger than what is actually showing.

Is the layer slider to to zero ?

I really enjoy improvements but I dislike layer slider due fact I no longer can click to move a layer one by one. Maybe I am missing something?

EDIT: thanks to JohnHue, I have nothing to complain anymore. :slight_smile:

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You can still use the pgUP and pgDN buttons, Shit+pgUP to move 10 layers at a time, and now we can also input the number manually.


I can appreciate a company that strives to continuously improve their product, but sometimes not all improvements are needed by all party utilizing the product /software. I have updated my preform software and can honestly do with out most of the new updates in this version. In my experience with dental models, I believe that less is more. We need for models to print fast as possible and as cheap as possible. I have inquired about removing the need for a base on a print to reduce excess material to be wasted, therefore reducing cost and reduce wasted material. Also, the need for the base to have parts names included is not needed in my particular aspect of printing since the model design software includes it already, and seems to add thickness to the base when we do not keep the models attached to the base. I have some photos from another printer that we used in the prior to your printers that kept base supports to a minimum and also has no base at all, but rather just supports that seemed to do the same as the thicker supports incorporated into your nesting software.
Here is a link to some photos of those reduced supports and the difference of the bases, as well as a sample of the wasted amount of material from each print job. It would seem that a ‘tray’ full of these bases would be enough to print another few models.


If you are content with more-difficult-to-remove bases, the Base Thickness can be reduced from the default 2.0 mm. That setting is under the Advanced dropdown in Supports. The same goes for Height Above Base.

Oh! Nice to see someone else using a Bego printer in this forum! :grinning: Are these solid or hollow prints?

Currently I have reduced them to 1.40mm, then after the update 1.30.

They were hollowed…there were some good things about the Bego printer that had advantages over formlabs, but not enough to continue the use.

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I understand, the Bego printer loses points for the small built plate and changing the foil but that printing speed is nice especially for quads. But I did get some news from my boss that we are going to incorporate the Form 2 now after experimenting a little with it, so that is exciting.


SO I loaded a .form from a previous build that printed well and now showing minima in v2.14 To top that off no amount of extra supports will resolve the minima. What the heck?

Are the support settings (including “advanced” section) any different between the two versions? I guess you can’t really compare to setting on the older version, unless you have a screenshot.