Preform 2.11.2 disappointing

Just started working with the Preform update. Lost of projects, so get going!
1st disappointment: still no heatmap in preform. No you have to look at the heatmap in dashboard and sort of guess the right and wrong places in Preform. Ok, let start working…
2nd disappointment: drag n drop of stl’s into preform does not work anymore. And uploading to the printer stall takes ages…
Oh well, didn’t Lenin say “two steps ahead one step back”?
cheers, Maarten

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Also it seems like internal supports are generated even when switched off. you have to turn them on then off again and regenerate to get rid of them!

As for heatmaps - its far easier to go look at the machine if it isn’t in preform, I don’t get the idea of it being online at all.

Drag and drop of STL files works fine for me.

Completely agree on the heatmap not being available in preform. I kind of understand that you would still have to link the printer to the dashboard for the heatmap to be visible in preform, it forces users to connect their machine and allows formlabs to collect metrics they wouldn’t have otherwise… I guess that’s fair (I know I would have hesitated to link my machine but not having the heatmap without online link was a no-brainer)… but please bring it to preform :wink:

@Andrew_Miller : some don’t have the machine in the same room. Also I am currently planning a print in preform while the printer is busy printing for the next 4 hours, so I need to go online to check the heatmap because I can’t look at the tank right now :wink:

PreForm 2.11.2 didn’t see any new modifications side support for 2 new materials that you’ll be seeing next week :slight_smile: Heatmaps in Dashboard is still something we’re actively considering, but no bugs should have been introduced in the most recent update.

@Andrew_Miller, we’re aware of an issue whereas internal supports will sometimes be generated even when they’re meant to be disabled and we’re working on getting that fixed. There have been some inconsistencies with drag and drop on Windows machines that we’re likewise working on correcting but no changes have been made in that regard in 2.11.2.

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Good to hear. Thanks for the update Frew.

Just to piggy back on what @Frew said, I have had drag and drop issues on my windows 10 machine for many months now. It is intermittent at best. Usually works, sometimes doesn’t and I’ve never been able to narrow down what causes it on my system.

Re: heatmaps in preform… If FL decides to implement this I wouldn’t have expected it in this release. I am not familiar with their software dev life-cycle but it could be on a branch of their code for a release further down the line…who knows what challenges they might run into implementing heatmaps, video card issues, networking issues?

We also have to face the fact that they might not implement heatmaps in Preform. Remember this is all ramblings of people like you and me in a forum.