Tank Heat Maps on Preform

I would find it very useful to be able to visualize on the working surface of Preform the tank thermal maps
as in the attached image
What do you think about it?
Saluti Riccardo


A good idea, I think most people agree with it, I imagine it is on the radar but not that critical to FL. Also, just a friendly reminder to search the forums and check out the suggested posts from FL when you are posting. You can usually get the answers faster that way.

OK thanks

This would be huge! As I’ve detailed in another thread, we do not have access to the heat maps nor the web portal. Storing this information directly on the printer and allowing preform to access it and position prints accordingly would be great.

for me it would be very useful. Work in jewelry and would allow me to position the pieces making the best use of the tank

“Me too”. If it’s worth having the heat map in the dashboard, it’s worth having it in PreForm. It should be simple to implement, surely.

+1 for this! It would be super helpful.

We have to do quality check now separately in Dashboard. But it is difficult to compare the buildplate in PreForm with the Dashboard, going back and forth.

+1 this is a very good idea indeed!

Agreed. This would be a great feature.

Really, this would be a great useful feature.


I suggested this many, many years ago when I got my Form1+. It should be easy to do. It’s making use of capabilities that are already implemented. For whatever reason, FL just doesn’t seem to think it’d be of benefit to users. But I tend to print small models. I worry about wearing out one area of the tank. So I tend to keep track of where I’ve printed and then use less-printed regions for the next print…