Resin Tank Heat Map Improvements

I really like the heat map for resin tanks that has been put into the dashboard. After using it for a bit, I thought I would start a thread listing out some potential improvements for future releases. The intent is to list out requests and keep the tangents to a minimum. Just list out your requests and upvote/like ones that are already listed.

  1. When hovered over the tank it shows each print and adds layers. Can this be on a slider bar so I can pause on each new print? Dates on the prints would be nice too.

  2. The orientation appears to be wrong. I don’t know if you mean for it to be top down of an actual resin tank, or if it is the standard preform view, but either way it is not accurate as is. In order to be accurate to preform (in layout mode) it would need to be rotated 90 degrees CCW then flipped along the new vertical axis. To be accurate to looking down at a resin tank, it would just need to be rotated 90 degrees CCW.

  3. I would prefer the orientation to be preform view since I use the heat map to help place my next print. What do others think?

  4. I can’t figure out how the different tanks are organized within the same resin type. I think it should be chronological with newest first.

  5. I would like to be able to interact with the heat map and highlights zones that did not print well during a particular build. A click turns a small area red, or even better, the grey area for that print layer

  6. Ability to delete tanks from dashboard. Once they are thrown away I don’t need the heat map.

Thanks for adding in the heat map, please fix #2, and I look forward to seeing this feature evolve.


Good idea!

Item 1 - I made a similar comment in another thread.
Item 2 - This has been commented on by someone else. I think I agree, but I didn’t actually specifically verify for myself.
Item 3 - This should be mandatory. It does no good if it’s not oriented the same way as the build platform in the LAYOUT tab.
Item 4 - It appears Dashboard numbers tanks and cartridges sequentially.
Item 5 - Not sure I see this as useful. But that’s just me.
Item 6 - Should be able to delete whatever you want, since if we can’t, Dashboard will get pretty cluttered eventually.

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Thanks for all of the suggestions. I’ve made sure to pass these along to our software team and I’ll keep up-to-date with this thread.