Form 1 view same as the tank

Rather than looking at the model orientation based on the build platform, I think it would be easier to get a better sense of the objects orientation as if your looking at the tank. I think this will be easier to better judge where dead spots might be on the tank in relation to the view in the software rather than trying to re-think where they are.

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What might also be cool is a toggle hotkey that shows the whole machine translucent to instantly understand object orientation and location.

Two very clever ideas.

Or they could just work on that usage based heat map requested on day 1. =]

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Couple of thoughts on the heat map idea that may not work.
Heat map will have to be tracked to each tank and reset when that tank has expired.

Layers dont always wear the tank out as much as peel force and over exposure. I notcied tha t 25 micron layers and steep angles to the tank wear it less than 100 micron layers at low angles.

For a while I had been doing screen captures of each job for reference and notced that areas where I tend to print fine stuff closest to the hinge side has less clouding where I had far fewer course layers printed.

Maybe a way to doodle the bad spots on the top view might be enough?

Back to the orientation, I find it a little confusing when the part is upside doodle when refering to the tank itself.

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