PreForm - Tank Heat Map

Good morning;
We recently got our Forms 2 printer and have been printing away the last few days. With only one failed print and 13 good ones I am happy with the press and print method. Coming from the FDM printer there is a lot of new things of getting used to. Surface finish is very nice but we still have some issues with part accuracy and warpage but ill make a separate forum post for that.
This is my first post so i figured ill start off easy;
The FormLabs Dashboard website has the Tank Heat Maps showed online; currently we only use Black and I have been trying to utilize the entire area of the tank evenly but it’s a bit tricky to line everything up looking online and trying to translate this to the PreForm screen.
Is there a way to enable the Tank Heat Map within PreForm so that it shows on the bottom of the print bed instead of having to have the Forms Dashboard open and trying to alien the model by looking at preform on the left and the webpage on the right?
If not this seems to be a feather that should definitely be added into PreForm and i can’t seem to think of a reason why it’s not. Something along the line of when the Tank gets placed into the printer that PreForm automatically pulls the Heat Map for that tank and displays.
Anyways, figured I’ll ask and see if this exists already but i just missed it in the settings somewhere.
Thank You

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The functionality you are asking about does not exist at the moment. There have been a few debates regarding heatmaps and their Preform vs. Dashboard implementation. I too think they would be incredibly helpful if they could be loaded into Preform and projected on the platform. Only time will tell if FL agrees and does implement this wish.