Preform 1.9 - bugs


I upgraded because I saw that you had reduced the raft size into smaller more targeted areas - a nice touch, and it is similar to a request I made a while back: Create several smaller bases per part

However I’ve discovered some behaviors that should probably be considered bugs.

  • I discovered this new (for me anyway) anomaly where the support tips penetrate the model. This is obviously undesirable, and I would consider it a regression from 1.8.x. (see pic below)

  • As has been mentioned before, the clearing of the angle settings from the orient dialog is not desirable either. It’s not clear why this needs to happen. As has been stated by others previously, it makes re-setting a part to a known good print angle way more difficult than before. Please change this to store the orientation with the file in your next update.

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Preform is behaving the same for me, except every support is penetrating the model. I thought maybe it was some visual aid that was added in the new version, but sure enough all of those points print…

Anyone have any ideas on a fix?

While someone is in that section of code fixing this regression, one thing that would be a nice addition would be a slight change in geometry of these tips. Currently, the support extends vertically as a tapered rod until it is fairly close to the point of contact, then another tapered rod with spherical ends extends from the initial rod at the appropriate angle until contact is made with the model. It is in this second angled conical rod that a beneficial change can be made.

Consider the rod as a cone with two spheres on each end tangent to the conic (e.g. current implementation). The change of how the second sphere (the tip sphere) connects to the cone being the tip sphere continues past tangent and the cone end at sphere contact is slightly smaller than it would be at tangent.

This would create a break-off point slightly above the surface of the model, so it would leave a slight half-sperical bump on the model, rather than creating a divot in the surface of the model. It would make it safer to to simply tear the supports off without worrying about trashing the model surface. Filing or sanding down a slight bump is easy and fast - filling divots is a PITA.

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