Part deformation (scallop shaped divots) around auto-generated support contact points

So preform 1.8 is a huge improvement for me, I’ve had no end of issues with my new Form1+ most especially with non-contacting supports - and even supports not printing properly at all - but with 1.8 the first print is absolutely solid, all support points contacted - and the base and support structure was much more cohesive and easy to get off the platform.

However - one persistent issue is that there are divots taken out of my parts in between some of the support contact points.

The test part I’ve been using to get to grips with my Form1+ is some replacement arms for a pair of glasses I sat on a few years ago. I’ve printed several dozen sets, from half a dozen different designs, and all of them have suffered the scallop divots issue.

My latest design is holey because I thought I’d showcase they were made on a 3D printer, and it uses less resin :smile:

See the underside of the arm here - looks right; edges are straight(ish)

now see the side where the most of the supports supports were attached - that wavy edge is not wavy in the model. Each of the little peaks corresponds to a support contact point - and is correctly positioned to be part of the model surface - but between the support contact points - are scalloped divots; missing material …

here’s the Preform 1.8 file - if Formlabs or anyone else wants to have a go reproducing this issue (it’s a bit chunky - nearly 30MB) …

Hi Kevin. It’s just laying a little too flat. Stand that baby up at a steep angle and it will take care of that issue.
I agree too, very nice change on the supports. They needed that badly. The old ones were a waste of resin and interfered with resin flow.