Issue with surface flatness where support contact points connect

I’ve been experiencing an issue with flatness/scalloping of my parts on the surface where the support point are located. The only way I can get flat parts is to put them on a mill and surface that area off which throws my dimensions out of whack. I’ve cleaned my resin, tried a new resin tank, cut down my contact point size to .04 and am still experiencing that same problem. The flatness of these parts is not even close.

Most of the resins have this issue- you can minimize it thru orientation to some degree… closer to a 45 it gets better … but so far the best resin I have tried to reduce this issue is the Rigid resin.

Hey there @Doug_Steindl!

Sorry to hear you’re having some issues with your touchpoints on these prints! Is your chief concern the little remaining support nubs where they attached, or is the part actually coming out of the printer already warped?

It would be super helpful to see the orientation and shape of the model if you’re able to post that here. I’d be happy to take a look! It can just be a little difficult to offer specific advice without knowing what you’re working with.

Largely though, what SculptingMan said above me is correct. The closer we can get to 45 degrees of lean in two axes, the better our chances or print success are, but I want to make sure that’s the most helpful advice for you! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!

Hi Dan

The part comes out good everywhere but the surface that the touchpoint are on. It’s not the touchpoints that are bothersome, it that the main surface is crowned in the middle and scalloped all along the outside edge where the supports attach. So to make the part flat, I would have to either do some significant sanding or put it in a mill and surface it off. In either case it throws the final dimension out of whack if I have to do that. I have a few smaller parts running right now that have a lot less support requirement and those parts come out pretty good. I plan to re-run the job that has been problematic , when the printer opens up, and rotate it to 45 degrees and see if that surface area improves.


You don’t mention which resin you are using. If it’s grey V4 you may be better off switching to a different resin.

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