New to fomlabs and having some issues


We got the 3D printer some weeks ago and have done some tiny test prints. On the face where the supports are located it always got a bit odd shape and it also builds up with resin. I have studied other Pictures of printes here on the web, but can’t see anyone with the same issue.
The first image shows a part that supposed to be flat on both sides, printed in Clear resin, but painted to show details easier on photos. Clearly see that it got a bulky/wave from on the side where the support was.

The other one you clearly see that it’s a mess on the face where the supports was.

Any tips or ideas?

I’m having the same problems of finishing on the top face of pieces (under PLATFORM).
My solution: add a small volume to “absorb” the defaults. And substract this volume off when finishing your piece.
For the deformed plane surfaces, I’ve got the same problem. Solution???
Regards, Luis

I am not a 100% sure but the layers look perpendicular to me are you orienting the part in the printer correctly? usually you want the parts to be at at least a 15 degree angle also having too many supports may also trap small pockets of uncured resin it is a difficult balance to maintain. Do you happen to have screen dumps of the PreForm orientation and support structures? That might help solve this.

The grey part is definitely parallel to the platform, which is the problem. Rotate it by about 20 degrees and it will come out better. In general anything you print is going to come out poorly where the supports are, you will have to clean it up. The trick is learning what the supports will do, and how a part will come out with given orientation and supports and finding the best balance where the part will come out well, and be properly supported, and all the problems from the supports will be minimized and relatively easy to clean up.

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