Partial error in the Print


the first layers after the support structure (5mm high) remain partly wet and wavy, the rest is completely ok. Anybody have any idea what’s causing this?
Printer and resin are one week old, all other prints have been perfect so far.

You should not orient a part like this parallel to the build platform.
Turn your part for let’s say 40 degree both in x and y and try to print it again.


Yeah, you need to try and start it from a small point so that it can build up. Otherwise it’s not going to be able to have enough support and the early layers will tear apart.

To reinforce @reinerbenz suggestion, you can refer to our part orientation guidelines in this handy tutorial:

Thanks for the answers.
I know the video and I know that it’s better to print flat parts at an angle, but it just went faster that way. :wink: Flat parts have worked that way so far, but not this time.

Overnight I printed the part again at an angle of ~45°. The lower edge, where the support structures are located, was curved (photo).

Next time I try, I put the piece on a sharp corner.

Were you able to reorient the part at 45 degrees along both the X and Y axis? You would want to build up the part size gradually in as many directions as possible.

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