Is this ragging? What is causing this kind of buildup?

Hello fellow printers,

I’ve used our new Form1+ a few times with success but lately it seems to print bad parts. Some of these are usable if I sand the heck out of them but others are gone beyond post process repair. I’ve tried two different resin tanks and two different materials (clear ver. 02 and black ver. 01) and they both are having issues no matter the print job I send to the printer. Some sides or surfaces of the part seem good or great wile the side ore surface that touches the support structure become warped, inconsistent and look like puddles or blobs of material. I’ve tried playing with density and support leg thickness but I can’t seem to tell if it has any effect on this or not.

Please take a look at these images directly after printing and IPA baths. What are your thoughts?

That’s not ragging––it’s the distortion from orienting your part such that it has flat surfaces on the bottom with minimal support structures.

Check out the “print flat surfaces at an angle” section of this support article for more details:


You know Craig, that is one thing I didn’t do that I’ve done on all the other successful prints I’ve had. In the past all of my other prints I used the angle once you click “orientation” setting but on the parts I printed this morning I left them flat. Makes sense why it’s “pooling” like that I guess. I’ve got another print going right now with an angle on it so hopefully that fixes my ugly print. Thanks for the insight and reminding me!


What a difference doing something the right way makes! :smiley:

Much better results!! Pics are from fresh out of the alcohol bath, no post process yet.


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