Building Platform glowed to the resin tank during printing process

Hello, i’m a new user of the Form1+, unfortunately I already have a problem with the printer, I can not print because during printing when the build platform is raised to add a layer remains attached for a second to the resin thank, all the prints come out ruined, do you maybe know the reason?

Thank you

Sorry to hear that you’re having issues. Do you have any photos of your failed prints and/or screenshots of your setup in Preform? It’s hard to guess what could be happening without any visuals.

Hi Thomas, i already open a ticket, i upload a video so you can see what i mean

the prints come out deformed because of this

Hey @davide_gamba—depending on your print, that can actually be a normal part of the process. What you’re hearing is the surface area of your model detaching from the soft silicone tank. You’re right in pointing out that that can cause a lot of stress on the model, and lead to deformation. It may be useful to post some screenshots of the model you’re working with (or the model itself), and we can give you some recommendations for how to best orient it. What you want to do is minimize the cross-section exposed at any given layer—this post has some helpful tips!