Trying to diagnose a print failure. Ragging?

Hi folks, I’m back to ask more silly questions :slight_smile:

Is this ragging? The tank and resin are both pretty young. I haven’t inspected the resin in the tank yet, though. The supports/orientation were chosen automatically by Preform but I wonder if the angle of the model was too flat? Would that cause this?

What resin and printer are you using?
Comparing your pictures to Formlabs’ (, I’d say that this is not ragging. To me, it looks like there was excess resin at the base which cured although it shouldn’t. And the hand, scarf, face, and ear look like some layers delaminated, which let a thin outer layer come off.
Does this also happen, when you print the baby yoda standing on the buildplate?

Thanks for replying! We’re using the Form 3B and model v2 resin. The tank and the resin (and the printer in fact) are all pretty new, so it’s not an aging tank or expired resin. I just find it difficult to diagnose print defects.

We haven’t tried printing him standing yet but I’ll give that a go!

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