Resin next to supports not curing

Hello everybody,

I have had some issues printing a couple of parts (in grey and tough resin). I am printing them horizontally, using the automatic supports. After printing them, I found out that the section next to the supports did not cure at all so it is still liquid-ish. After I post-cure it using UV light, the shape will therefore be deformed. This is the first time that something like this happens to me.

I would very highly appreciate some ideas on how I can fix this! Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

Can you upload some pictures so that we can help to troubleshoot? If it is an issue with your printer, I’ll make sure to get you in touch with a member of our support team.

Sure! Here;s a link to the pictures. I am showing the printing setup, the side where the resin was nicely cured, and the side where the resin did not cure very well.

Thank you

It looks like the issue is the part being printed flat. The resin isn’t necessarily being under-cured but it’s having to bridge a number of gaps which affects the bottom surface finish. You should check out this video on model orientation. I’d recommend orienting your part 45 degrees in the X and Y axis and then re-generating supports. This should produce a much cleaner surface finish and let me know if it works for you!

Great. I had tried a 45 degree angle before. The issue with that is that it generates supports in my internal part, which I am attempting to avoid. That is why I decided to lay it flat. But I will go for a 25 degree angle which does not generate supports inside my piece, while still hopefully providing a nice surface finish. Another option would be to generate flat support for my two pipe connectors coming out, while leaving the rest of the piece flat without supports. I have tried doing that in Preform but it leaves my piece overhanging in the middle, rather than in touch with the surface. With this, I get an error, so I assume the print would fail. So I am not sure if I could carry out that alternative.

Thanks again!

You could always try to print it directly on the build platform without any supports.

I did a thread a while back on it. IN my case I wanted some areas to still have some supports, similarly, in your case, you would want supports under the side nipples, but you will want the bottom of the model to be flat on the build platform.

Check the link below.

It’s better to manually place the supports–getting a good orientation is important so that you use the least number of supports as possible.

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